Portrait Photography

How to Best Prepare for a Portrait Photo Shoot

I always tell people the oul cheesy “bring your smile”, clichéd yes, but somewhere in that ridiculous statement there is a home truth. It’s all about being yourself, don’t try to be a superstar if you’re not, don’t force a smile if you don’t feel like smiling.

If it’s a family shoot it is so easy to bunch you guys together and get the giggles going. Remember to keep attires simple so no one stands out from the crowd if it is a large group shot. Otherwise come as you are and let us find that hidden gem. If you want to stylise your photo shoot then we can put our heads together and decide what is best for you to bring or for us to organise.

If we are shooting babies we advise bringing out blankets, hats, toys outfits or anything you feel is an integral part of baby’s life. If we are shooting toddlers we advise to either let us photo them playing naturally where they normally do or in the great outdoors where they can run and use their energy. If you wish to shoot toddlers on a studio setting we advise bringing all those things that toddler plays with for two minutes and then move on. Everything from books to favourite teddy and even on to the garage or kitchen set, puzzles, hats and glasses.

If you want to get a simple lifestyle portrait or profile picture taken for yourself or someone close to you check out our “Thinking outside the box” photo shoot. If we are missing anything please send us an e mail with your ideas and thoughts.
Stay warm folks.


Portrait Photography

Seasons, Photography & Family Life

Hey everyone, I hope you are well and good.

What a lovely time of year with leaves turning wild, vibrant colours falling from the trees and making a crunchy leafy carpet that blankets the ground. The sun is lower in the sky and the shadows are longer and moodier. I thoroughly enjoy this wonderful season.

People and families have their seasons too.

From baby to toddler and teens to young adults. From being all grown up and starting your own family to watching your kids start their own families right through to those golden years when we become as wise as an owl. Each season of life is vibrant and unique in its own way.

I always endeavour to capture the nature in you and your family, be it children, parents, grandparents or anyone else from the branches of your extended family tree. There is something extraordinary in each and every one of us.

Portrait Photography

What’s the Story?

Do you go on relaxing cycle treks together? Maybe you have a model train set hiding in the attic? Do you play or are you learning an instrument or sport? Maybe you are proud of your extensive book shelves which line your study? Do you have green fingers? How about that green house or garden? I’m sure there’s an interesting story to tell there. Maybe you collect shoes or handbags and can’t bring yourself to throw them away? Do you wear hats? If so then maybe you’ve collected quite a few over the years? What about that medal or trophy collection or your certificates of achievement?  Do you walk the pier and stop at the band stand to light up your pipe?

Think about your activities, interests and little rituals. No matter how mundane you may think it is everything and anything can become a photo story if allowed the natural freedom and room to blossom. If it is your vocation or your passion tell me about it and we can create that story together.

Portrait Photography

Camera Shy? What’s all that about?

The emphasis is on having fun and staying relaxed. We like shooting people as naturally as possible. If you play guitar, play us a tune, chill out and we will do the rest. Camera Shy? What’s all that about? I for one especially enjoy converting camera shy people into world class models. There’s no secret here, simply doing what you like with the people you love is a tried and tested road to the cheesy smile factory. Bring a friend along and have some fun and laughs.

If the kids are playing why not join in the fun; that’s where the magic of your family is. And yes folks you will find me being snap happy lying on your floor throughout the shoot.