As a portrait photographer, I often take the photo shoot to you. I can come to your home, workplace or anywhere of your choice (within reason, we won’t be doing an afternoon session in Beijing). We would ask you to obtain permission for any shoots you would like to do on private properties like sports clubs, schools, etc.

I can use natural light and natural surroundings or we can use portable studio lights and portable studio backdrops which are normally used at your home. The choice is yours, however, bear in mind that Irish weather can wreak havoc with outdoor shooting. Rain is the obvious culprit but harsh midday sunshine (should we be that lucky) can make the afternoon a difficult time to shoot portrait photography unless we can find open shade such as underneath a tree or on a forest path. Early in the morning and later in the afternoon are better times to shoot outdoors although a nice, bright, fluffy white, cloudy day offers nice light to shoot at any time. We all know it’s a bit of a lucky dip here on the Emerald Isle.

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