What’s the Story?

Do you go on relaxing cycle treks together? Maybe you have a model train set hiding in the attic? Do you play or are you learning an instrument or sport? Maybe you are proud of your extensive book shelves which line your study? Do you have green fingers? How about that green house or garden? I’m sure there’s an interesting story to tell there. Maybe you collect shoes or handbags and can’t bring yourself to throw them away? Do you wear hats? If so then maybe you’ve collected quite a few over the years? What about that medal or trophy collection or your certificates of achievement?  Do you walk the pier and stop at the band stand to light up your pipe?

Think about your activities, interests and little rituals. No matter how mundane you may think it is everything and anything can become a photo story if allowed the natural freedom and room to blossom. If it is your vocation or your passion tell me about it and we can create that story together.

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